Private Ballet lessons from RAD-certified instructor Arlene Larson

Keep up with your dance studies or prepare for RAD exams - from anywhere!

How Online Ballet Coaching with Arlene works

This is a live online ballet coaching session to prepare students for exams in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Expect private, one-on-one instruction for focused, intensive coaching. Arlene will watch and instruct, and you can watch Arlene as well. Just like a live lesson, Arlene can offer very specific help and demonstrate the fine points live.

  • This is an online coaching format - all lessons take place this way.
  • The student will need a computer with a camera and sufficient Internet access to hold a 2-way video call.
  • The student will also need a room/class space suitable for dancing. A straight back chair can serve as a barre, if necessary.
  • Arlene will work with each student to create a lesson plan that's good for your schedule.
Online ballet exam coaching for RAD Intermediate Foundation through Advanced 2/Solo Seal

Who does Arlene teach?

Arlene will coach your student in RAD Intermediate Foundation through Advanced 2/Solo Seal. She is also offering coaching for dancers grades 3 through 8.

For other types of instruction or coaching, please contact Arlene directly. During this time of limited social contact, Arlene is extending her coaching offer to students not currently preparing for a specific RAD exam.

As your instructor, Arlene Larson will provide detailed coaching of technique, musicality, and artistry of syllabus material in preparation for Exams.

Cost: $70 USD/hour. Most lessons are one-hour sessions.